Our focus is oriented towards the future and progress to fully realise our vision.
We tend our students to become inquisitive learners who always think critically and do not keep back from challenging assumptions.
Throughout their studies, alongside the knowledge and experience that is given, our students are also taught our basic values:


  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Persistence
  • Respect
  • Righteousness
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Trust
  • Diversity

    We create

    • Positive, energetic and inspiring learning environment where students are valued and are being inspired to become life-long learners;
    • A secure and happy learning environment where all students will be successful, make friendships, develop respect and self-esteem and where everyone respects and appreciates the different talents and the different cultural heritage.

    We offer

    • Our students knowledge and skills that will help them become responsible and independent individuals;
    • Programmes that are student oriented.

    We provide

    • An environment where everyone is treasured and respected, and where every member of the school is dedicated to preparing students for their further education and at the same time encourage students to accept current and future challenges in order to develop social consciousness, civic responsibility and personal development.


    • Our students’ potential and help them develop it;
    • Students’ talents, creativity and individuality.

    We prepare and motivate

    • Our students to face an ever-changing world through encouraging critical thinking skills and development of respect for the crucial values such as honesty, loyalty, persistence and compassion.


    • Students’ accomplishments and potential;
    • Rich, diverse and challenging education;
    • Positive relationships;
    • Personal development, social responsibility and the sense of self-worth.

    We remove

    • All learning obstacles and create and use a learning environment that opens new horizons.


    • Students’ difference and individuality as a means of enriching the community;
    • Students’ confidence and innovative minds;
    • Talents inherent in every student, creativity and individuality.


    • The International School of Skopje is an accredited institution by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia with Decision No. 40-13326/1-21 from 22.2.2022 and it is verified by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of North Macedonia with Decision No. 13-2618/4 from 5.5.2022.